Financial Aid
The Trials and Tribulations of the 21st Century College Student


1. Disbursement (Prod. Tyree Harris)

2. You Don?t Know What You Got (Prod. Greg Gant)

3. Die For Attention (Prod. Tyree Harris)

4. Grown As Kids (Prod. O.D.)

5. Be There (Prod. JuiceBox Jackson)

6. Eugene (Prod. Stewart Villain)

7. Another Ex (Prod. TimeLess One)

8. First World Problems (Prod. Tyree Harris)

9. Drunk Food (Prod. Greg Gant)

10. Robot Children (Prod. Greg Gant)

11. I'm Your Puppet (Prod. Tyree Harris)

12. Cyborg Love Party (Prod. Tyree Harris)

13. Graduation Gift (Prod. Greg Gant)

Bonus Tracks

14. Procrastination (Prod. Stewart Villain)

15. This Time (Prod. Stewart Villain)

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Realmatic: An Autobiography


02 You Don't Know What You Got

11 I'm your puppet

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